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IBV Flooring working in domestic and commercial space by performing work with Vinyl, Tile Vinyl, Tile Carpet, Roll Carpet, Laminate and Tiles

Our service consist of a full service start to helping moving furniture to clean work space, dismantling and removal of previous materials, preparation workspace bringing it to the standart in order to start installation of materials and performing a high quality level of work until finishing works by cleaning
and recovering garbage

All time in during work we keeping clean work space thus avoiding any risk of accident

Execute works with Vinyl as Cap & Cove in Bathrooms and Commercial space, also in Kitchen, Hallways, Stairs etc
Our service also rely on the Carpet works with any model your desired, the same with Laminate and Tiles

The fourth service is a contacts service, here please put contacts details as mobile number and email, plus a service where customers could leave their messages on my web page, to better understand all web sites have a box where your leave you contact details like email, contact number and you message.

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